“The Creature NU”


Saga of “The Creature NU” has become an Instagram phenomenon! Follow and take a stand for Sustainability: www.Instagram.com/metrovart! Do You NU?


Below: NU Limited Edition “Stainless Steel Series” Sculpture & Limited Edition Fine Art Figurines.
By purchasing one of these Fine Art Sculptures or Collectibles for yourself or as a gift, you are taking a stand for a Sustainable World, and inspiring your friends to do the same. 

To purchase, please visit our Etsy Shop or go to www.DoYouNU.com to learn more about the NU Project! (90% of our profits go to support Metrov Contemporary Arts located in Santa Barbara, California. The studio produces NU Gear as well as museum quality fine art paintings & sculpture; we also train students and employ local artists. 10% of our profits are donated to environmental & sustainability groups such as “Greenpeace International” and “Friends of the Earth.”)

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