Reasons Why Your Home Needs an Awning

You might have thought that a house is still functional without awnings. However, it functions in two ways: for more protection and aesthetics.

Awnings significantly block the sunlight and cover a space against raindrops, so if you have a backyard, patio, or any space which you think would need protection against the weather, then a removable awning would fit your fancy. In addition to protection, awnings can also increase aesthetic value to your home. If you notice that a home without an awning can look a bit boring and dull. If you are considering an upgrade, then you definitely need to put awnings Frisco on your list. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It minimizes UV damage on you and other elements that need to be under shade – all skin experts recommend that you put on sunscreen because they are aware of how UV can significantly age your skin. Although subtle, UV rays can damage skin cells, making you appear older as you age. Similarly, when you expose different materials like wallpaper, flooring, fabrics, and others to the sun, you will notice discoloration and change of appearance. Take note that it is not just appearance but the overall durability of the material that is affected. Awnings can filter some UV effectively
  2. Efficient in energy – if you noticed that your room’s temperature significantly changes at a certain time of the day, it is because that area is more exposed to the sunlight. Rather than installing an AC unit or turning it on the whole day to avoid discomfort caused by the heat, consider installing an awning that blocks and prevents your window from direct sunlight exposure. AC units significantly increase energy bills, and when you want to save some dollars, you would need to avoid using it the whole day or avoid using it at all. When your AC units get damaged and you become passive about it, this will spike your energy consumption too. Awnings as an alternative significantly make energy bills at check. The good thing about awnings is that you can choose to purchase a retractable one so you can remove it when you want the sun in your window.
  3. It increases curb appeal – when you choose the right structure and design for your awning, it will significantly enhance the curb appeal, also increasing the value of your home. If you plan on selling your house, then an awning will be of great help, considering also other benefits one can get besides aesthetics.
  4. It expands outdoor space – if you have some patio or porch attached to your home, you might as well consider putting on an awning for protection. The pandemic lets us realize how outdoor activities can decrease stress and anxiety. However, we know that too much exposure to sunlight also causes damage. Let your kids play outside the porch or patio with the protection of an awning.

We do hope that we shared with you some valuable information as to why awnings are beneficial and practical to install.