THE MASTERS (repurposed)

“It suddenly occurred to me that, like automobiles, TVs, computers, plastic water bottles, and Styrofoam cups, we already have too much “art.” Like any other product (something produced by human effort), we should re-cycle. And what better to re-cycle than the greatest masters of all time.” Metrov


Proposed Large Format Installations: The base images as seen in these mock-ups are created from ultra-high resolution photographs of the original paintings. These photos are then digitally enhanced by the artist, adding the first “layer” of contemporary repurposing. Additional 3D layers, such as the transparent discs and cartoon images, may be added according to budget and environment.

Sizes will also vary as per budget and space considerations. The base images are typically printed on artistic grade canvas using archival quality inks. Today’s printing technology allows for excellent, large-scale reproductive quality at affordable prices. Additionally, size limitations are virtually nonexistent. The base images may also be coated with protective vinyls and/or printed on alternative materials to withstand environmental demands.

The 3D layers are manufactured according to strict color specifications and opacity requirements, and are suspended by nearly invisible guy wires. Please contact the artist if you’re interested in having one or more of these crowd-pleasing works installed in your gallery, museum, or public space.

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