PAX Portraits—Join the Global Art Movement Everyone is Talking About

If you believe We the People should Protect our Planet, READ ON… If you believe Corporations should Stay out of Government, READ ON… If you believe Art can Make a Difference, READ ON!

To celebrate the birth of a New World Renaissance, Metrov has created a unique digital image series: “Pax Portraits.” Comprised of showbiz and art world celebs, as well as artists, politicians, trend-setters, and… well, the rest of us, these portraits share a common theme symbolized by “Pax,” the mystical Spirit Bear.



Pax is the reincarnation of the ancient Roman goddess of the same name. A deity who represents peace, Spring, and re-birth, Pax returns to us as the spirit of a Mother Bear who guides and protects her offspring. She signifies the blossoming of a new global consciousness. We know we simply cannot maintain the status quo. Our international corporate structure would have us remain mesmerized by the glitter of materialism… and it’s taking us in a dangerous direction—poisoning our food and environment; threatening our health; disintegrating our freedoms. The truth is, Big Business is driven by us, the stockholders, who would replace CEOs who don’t deliver profit. Think you don’t fit the bill? Think again. If you’re invested in a 401k, Social Security, the stock market, some kind of pension plan, drive a car, or pay taxes, you’re participating in a system in need of course correction. Are any of us exempt? Capitalism thrives on growth, yet, the Earth and its resources have limits. Intuitively, we know we must take full responsibility for our Planet, our Common Welfare, and our Future Generations. The re-birth is happening—in the face of enormous odds—gradually and naturally. We don’t believe it can be stopped. “PAX Portraits” represent the growing collection of people who are embracing the Spirit of Pax,” and telling the world, “We stand for change. We demand Responsible Governing of our World.”

STAND TOGETHER! All are welcome to participate in the PAX Portrait project, and show solidarity for a New World Renaissance. It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s important. You can get your portrait posted here for FREE. Simply send one, high-resolution, head and shoulders, “mug shot” of yourself to: “pax (at)” Please use “PAX Portrait” in the title line. By sending your photo, you agree to allow Metrov to publish your portrait here on this PAX Portrait website page and elsewhere, plus you affirm that you are 18 years of age or older, and that you own complete rights to the photo.

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